Friday, December 23, 2016

What the Indian industry needs to know

The new digital media brand „MachineMarketIndia (MMI)“ gives answers

MM Modern Manufacturing India becomes MachineMarketIndia (MMI). In January, the new MMI will launch with a completely redesigned website,, and a newsletter with 22,000 qualified addresses. This new e-publishing offensive is Vogel Business Media India (VBMI)’s reaction to the specific characteristics of the Indian market. "We will now focus on digital distribution channels in one of the world's most exciting industry markets", explains VBMI Director Hans-Jürgen Kuntze the new strategy. The portfolio of the new media brand MMI will be complemented with targeted special print editions for trade shows and other industry events, with the first example being the MMI Special Edition for IMTEX 2017.

Print lives. Digital grows. This maxim will guide Vogel Business Media’s future international and Indian business. "In a geographically big market like the Indian subcontinent, electronic distribution is a significantly easier and safer way to provide decision-makers in the industry with valuable information in the necessary frequency", says Kuntze. Print products round off the cross-media mix and will be specifically distributed at gatherings of top decision-makers, like trade fairs, conferences, lectures, and other industry events.

The number and nature of such events will determine the number and circulation of MMI print editions that will be published. Dinesh Mishra, Head of Sales at VBMI, will inform the markets early on in each case. Ahlam Rais assumes editorial responsibility for all media channels. Kruti Bharadva is the dedicated point of contact for address management and address quality. Says Dinesh Mishra: "Improving address quality is one of our most important strategic objectives for 2017. We will invest heavily so that our national and international clients can be sure that with us they are able to reach the right target audiences at the right time."

In order to focus on establishing and developing the MMI media brand, the Indian print edition of Process will be discontinued. In its place, Vogel Business Media will distribute Laborpraxis Worldwide in India, another global title in addition to Process Worldwide. This will also be supported by strong international web presence. Says Process Group Publisher Gerd Kielburger: "With the globally distributed magazine Process Worldwide, we will expand the reach of our technical topics to the Indian market and even widen distribution on the subcontinent. At the same time, we will address local specifics and market issues much more efficient and faster with the weekly Process India newsletter." Dinesh Mishra will take over sales responsibilities for these two publications in India and other English-speaking markets in Southeast Asia as well.

Vogel Business Media, Germany´s major specialist media publisher, provides high-quality specialist media for professionals. As a medium size company Vogel Business Media publishes worldwide more than 100 magazines and internet portals, organizes b2b-events and provides the industry with comprehensive service. The MM magazine is published in more than 12 countries around the world with a total annual circulation of 6 million copies. The Processs magazine is published all around the world with an annual circulation of 1 million copies and a fair number of Newsletters in English, German or Chinese Languages.